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26 Sep 2013
14 Oct 2009 Overview. Compact, lightweight, and self-contained, the Lowel Rifa-Lite EX 88 uses a simple umbrella design to achieve its quick and easy setup and strike capabilities. A 32 x 32" (81 x 81 cm) woven glass fabric, heat-resistant front diffuser provides sufficient illumination with soft shadows. The EX Rifa
Lowel Instruction Downloads. The product instructions download Lowel GL-1™ Power LED Instructions (PDF). Lowel Prime LED 200 Rifa. download Rifa eX (2007) Instructions (PDF) · download Original Rifa-lite Instructions (PDF) rifa 3 up download eXchange Lampheads Instructions (PDF) · download Rifa eX Retrofit
20 Apr 2012
Rifa-lite pp. 62-64. Tota/Omni pp. 54-57. DP pp. 58-60. Fren-L 650 pp. 60, 61. L & Lowel-light p. 67. Caselite p. 66. LowelScandles p. 66. Light-Array p. 67. Variflector p. 67. Matters of Light & Depth by. Ross Lowell pp. 68, 69. Terms of Enlightenment pp. 70, 71. Indexes pp. 77-79. Choosing a Light p. 72. Controlling the Light
Unfurl Rifa-lite reflector mate- rial until assembly loosens. Loosen thumbscrew locat- ed on back end of fixture. While holding the assem- bly base push the socket/lamp cage assembly (avoid touch- ing lamp) inward until the assembly “click-locks” into position. Tighten thumbscrew clock- wise to lock fixture open.
21 Sep 2010
Lowel Rifa-lite® Instructions. The Lowel Rifa-lite is a profes- sional lighting instrument. Read these instructions and lamp manufacturer's warnings carefully before operating. ? Do not pull power cable to open fixture. ? Always operate with diffuser safety panel in place. ? Not for household use, use only for photographic
Lowel Rifa44 Light instructions. Performance. LC-44EX with 12W. 200w, 3200°K. FVL lamp. Foot Candles. [Lwl = foot candles x 10.8]. Not For Household Use. Never Touch Hot Parts. Do not leave lights unattended. Unplug lights when not in use. Operate with diffuser safety panel. Use only one Rifa diffuser panels at a time.
Rifa 88 is the largest of the Lowel Rifa family. Its diffusion screen measures a full 32" square, making it the softest Rifa available. Use it with its maximum 1000w lamp for highest output, or switch to either a 750 or 500w lamp for decreased output with the same level of softness. NOTE: Using a lower wattage lamp with this