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What I came across was this ( tutorial from, which included the following schematic: While working on that, I decided to use the trust I already had in the NYU Shanghai community to make a survey that asked students who identified to one of these
Student Guide for Electronic Snap Circuits Hands-on Program for Basic Electricity (Models SC-300R, SC-500R, & SC-750R) (Hands-on Electronics) [Elenco Electronics Educational Division] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This booklet is an introduction to the exciting world of electronics. Following
Elenco Electronics Elenco Snap Circuit Student Guides for SC-100R, SC-300R, SC-500R and SC-750R. Hands on program for basic electricity and electronics.
(for use with SC-300/500/750 sets). [does not require Student Guide Jr.] These may be purchased using the Replacement Parts Order Form on the. Snap Circuits® website ( WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ELECTRONICS. USING SNAP CIRCUITS®? The project manuals include a brief description
Snap Circuits Jr. 100-in-1 includes over 30 plastic parts and over 100 sample projects. The snap-together electronic blocks are mounted on plastic pieces that can be used again and again to form many exciting and educational circuits.