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We will be working with this assignment in class-- your notes should be detailed enough to allow you to complete this assignment without having to use the book at all. Qing-Ottoman comparison (76 KB). Due: 1/24/2012. AP final exam materials-- study guide and chapter 1-13 reading guides. Chapter 6 reading guide (45 KB)
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126534518, 'Greek Fire', Byzantine weapon consisting of mixture of chemicals (petroleum, quicklime, sulfur) that ignited when exposed to water; utilized to drive back Arab fleets that attacked Constantinople, 0. 126534519, Egypt, an ancient empire west of Israel, 1. 126534520, Kiev, Trade city in southern Russia
View Notes - Chapter 13 Reading Guide from HISTORY 15 at San Jose City College. NAME__________________________ AP World History Chapter 13 Study Guide Spread of Chinese Civilization: Japan 1) How are.
AP World History Chapter 17 (Strayer). North American Revolution. French Revolution. Declaration of the Rights of Man and Ci Napoleon Bonaparte. 1750-1914 : Successful Rebellion conducted by the colonists of 1750-1914 : Massive dislocation of French society (1798-1815) 1750-1914 : A document drawn up by
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CHECK the “AP World History Periodizations 1 & 2 Project”; due for a grade today! · CHECK notes from reading Chapters 13-17 (supplemented outline AND historical factor notes) for a grade today! · CHECK scaffold notes for the three (3) essay prompts that we worked on last week (1 continuity, 1 comparison, and 1 DBQ.).
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